Change is coming to community corrections.

After decades of “get tough on crime” policies, society is shifting their paradigm about corrections. Offenders, who in the past would have been sentenced to years in prison, are now being sentenced to a variety of community treatment and supervision programs. Increased performance expectations are catching up with the Evidence Based Practices (EBP) research. Community corrections programs of all varieties must focus on effective treatment and outcomes, not just monitoring and documentation.

Are you ready?

Your people will always be your primary asset in your efforts to help offenders change their lives. Still, without the appropriate tools and technology, it will be next to impossible for them to meet the new challenges.

We can help you.

Our software was developed by community corrections professionals for community corrections professionals. Correct Tech’s automation and integration of daily tasks makes your staff more efficient and effective. This allows them to focus on what matters: People. Whether you are a Case Manager, Security Professional or Administrator, your life can be easier and more productive.  We offer solutions for Non-Residential, Basic Residential and Advanced Residential community programs.